As a testimony to Raoul Wallenberg’s deeds and to learn from his example, The Raoul Wallenberg Legacy Organization (“The RWLO”) has launched several well-researched initiatives to assist current and future leaders to be educated and empowered to fight the plethora of false narratives and allegations including, but not limited to the following:

(1)   Curriculum on Anti-SemitismThe RWLO, in conjunction with the Harvard Jewish Alumni Association has designed a customized curriculum focusing on Anti-Semitism which will not only be taught at The Brownstone Leadership Centers but is being offered on a national level through strategic relationship with organizations such as Hillel International (see:, OLAMI (see: and MEOR (see:

(2)   Anti-Semitism Response Groups – Through the use of modern technology and the plethora of social platforms The RWLO has created a repository to report any Anti-Semitic literature, social media posts or invitations to join Anti-Semitic protests. The RWLO Antisemitism Response Groups in turn works in tandem with numerous leading Attorneys, bloggers, writers, and SEO experts to refute negative claims and mitigate responses to any incitement in real time.

(3)    Talking Point Instruction SheetsThe RWLO has designed user-friendly one pager ‘Fact vs Fiction’ Instructions Sheet to empower students and academics with quick and easy access to ways of responding to the buzzwords and negative cliches used by many Anti-Semitic organizations and platforms.

The relevance of Wallenberg’s legacy in today’s context is striking, particularly with the groundswell of Anti-Semitism since the recent attack by Hamas terrorists on innocent civilians in Israel on October 7th. Despite the passage of decades since Wallenberg’s heroic efforts, Anti-Semitism continues to persist, manifesting itself in various forms across the globe.

The lessons from Wallenberg’s life underscore the importance of vigilance and collective action to combat bigotry and prejudice. His story challenges us to confront the dark shadows of history and actively engage in the fight against discrimination, not only for the sake of the Jewish community but for the broader cause of human rights and dignity.

The tools and technique developed by The RWLO are all aimed at helping current and future leaders and spheres of interest to cultivate a more compassionate and inclusive world, free from the shackles of Anti-Semitism and by so doing, perpetuate the legacy of Raoul Wallenberg to the enduring importance of championing justice and human rights for all.

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