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Raoul Wallenberg – A Role Model for Gen Z?

Given the current environment, Raoul Wallenberg’s legacy seems to resonate with Gen Z for several reasons. 

Here are some key aspects that make Wallenberg an inspiring figure for this age cohort:

  1. Humanitarianism and Courage: Wallenberg demonstrated exceptional courage and humanitarian values during World War II. As a diplomat in Budapest, Hungary, he saved tens of thousands of Jews from the Holocaust by issuing protective passports and providing shelter in safe houses. His actions were selfless, risking his own safety to help others. In an era where social justice issues are at the forefront, Wallenberg’s commitment to standing up for those in need serves as a powerful example for Gen Z.
  1. Activism and Civic Engagement: Wallenberg’s actions highlight the importance of individual activism and civic engagement. Rather than remaining a passive bystander, he actively worked to make a difference. Gen Z is known for its passion for social and environmental causes, and Wallenberg’s story can inspire them to take action and advocate for positive change in their communities.
  1. Fighting Injustice and Discrimination: Wallenberg’s efforts to protect Jewish people during a time of extreme discrimination and persecution underline the significance of fighting injustice. In the current environment, where issues of discrimination, racism, and intolerance persist, Gen Z can draw inspiration from Wallenberg’s determination to combat prejudice and promote equality.
  2. Creativity and Resourcefulness: Wallenberg demonstrated remarkable creativity and resourcefulness in developing innovative methods to save lives. He used his diplomatic status to issue protective passports and established safe houses and hospitals to offer refuge to those in danger. Gen Z, known for its tech-savviness and ability to think outside the box, can learn from Wallenberg’s resourceful approach in finding solutions to complex problems.
  1. Global Citizenship: Wallenberg’s actions exemplify the concept of global citizenship. Despite being a Swedish diplomat, he went above and beyond his official duties to help individuals from another country in distress. In an increasingly interconnected world, Gen Z can be inspired by Wallenberg’s global perspective and his willingness to make a difference beyond national boundaries.

Raoul Wallenberg’s remarkable bravery, compassion, and commitment to human rights make him an ideal role model for Gen Z. His story can inspire this generation to stand up against injustice, work towards positive change, and embrace the values of empathy, activism, and global citizenship.